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Export Options Gone?

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Over the weekend, I was trying to export a notebook of notes into a format that could be read/imported by another application.

I was hoping to be able to export as html, because that seemed plausible for my purpose.

Alas, html export is no longer available in the newest rev of the Windows or Mac desktop software.

I have some questions.

1. Is there a way to export in a format that is not ENEX (I tried to figure it out, but couldn't see any way)? I'll even settle for a way to easily convert the ENEX file into html files.

2. Is this ENEX-only export just temporary until all the desktops reach feature parity?

3. Given Evernote's long concern with assuring that subscribers always own their own data, is this a backstep on that policy (I suspect not, but sometimes one never knows until one asks)?

Any help welcomed!



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12 minutes ago, jkenton said:

Is there a way to export in a format that is not ENEX

You can install the Legacy product Here   
It supports export in .enex or .html format

Additional export options are pending for the Version 10 product

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