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Did Evernote, the company, get bought out by subversive ex-Microsoft employees?

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What really shakes me up is this: how is it that Evernote, the company, didn't know that it had a user base that tolerated crappy, buggy releases for nearly a decade and who would cry when they realized they had to get a divorce?

Didn't anyone there realize how valuable having a user base like that was? My immediate thought was that another company had taken them over.

Maybe we were a cult?

I'm now going through the stages of grief.

The only scenario that makes sense for Evernote spending people and money capital to produce such an abysmal product such as 10.x is that they were taken over by an investment group that wants to see its demise... reminds me of what happened to a superlative computer manufacturer, TANDEM, a few decades ago. That computer ran circles around IBM and others. Now just a few grey-hairs like myself remember it.

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