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Clipping of ad-free articles




I would like to have a feature to clip a web site with article, but scrape just the text (including images related to the article) and save it as a note. Something like Pocket does.

Or at least to have a Pocket subscription within Evernote subsription.

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Who would not ...

On the desktop clients, the web clipper allows for exactly that.

On the mobile clients, since there is no dedicated clipper, you can try to go to reader mode in your browser before clipping. Sometimes it works, sometimes it takes away too much. On iOS (I am not using Android) you can try this: Switch to simplified mode, select Print from the share menu, convert this into a pdf (pinch outward on the preview), select share again and save into EN.

Copy the URL from the browser and paste it into the new note, because all URLs will be missing in that pdf.

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Not exactly how I imagined it, but it helps.

But still, a more advanced version of this could be available. A scraping of a text from a provided URL with keeping some basic formatting (e.g. spaces between paragraphs).

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