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HELP - if you can - crashed previous laptop. Need to export old Evernote files to new computer.

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So - (Ever)note to self.  Never have any liquid in proximity to one's laptop.  Lesson learned expensively in having to run out and replace it. 

Good news is I extracted the old hard drive and made an external drive out of it.  All the data is there.  

I just can't figure out how to migrate my many Evernote Notebooks to the new computer. I'm not sure how to identify those datafiles.  

I'm not finding anything in this forum that speaks to this issue.  If you have any wisdom to share, I'd appreciate it.  

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Hi.  If you're using Evernote properly,  all your notes have been synced to Evernote's servers online;  all you should have to do is install the app,  log in,  and wait for your notes to download.  That can take a little while if you have a big database! 

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