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Error when exporting Scannable document to Dropbox on iOS 14.x

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Description: When I scan a document and attempt to export it to Dropbox, the wrong screen appears and Scannable fails to export the document.

Steps to reproduce: 

1. Scan a document using the free version of Scannable on iOS

2. Click Share

3. Click the Dropbox logo

4. Notice that Dropbox authenticates but then a modal with Message/Save To/To appears instead of the Dropbox save screen.

Expected behaviour: correct folder can be selected and document is saved into Dropbox

Observed behaviour: incorrect window appears

Workaround: instead of selecting the Dropbox logo, select the Save to Dropbox button. This works correctly but the Save (or similar) text button is not visible. You can still click on the area where the save button should be and it correctly saves.

Device: I see the same error on an iPhone 8 and iPhone 12 running the latest version of iOS. Dropbox app and Scannable app installed with latest version.

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