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Request: Ability to set different Default notebook per device



Hi, I use different mobile devices when working on different projects.   I have created two notebooks, one for each project.

It would be really handy, if i could set the Default notebook in EN running on Device-A as Notebook-A, and the Default notebook in EN running on Device-B as Notebook-B. Thanks.

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The fact that the default notebook is now global across the entire Evernote is extremely annoying. I want that each device has an independent default notebook. Otherwise you spend wasted time having to move things around when you discover later that everything is in the wrong place. I have very clear separation between work and home, but i cannot set that the work devices create notes by default in a different notebook than my home/personal devices.

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The default notebook is a global setting, used for server side services as well. These services don’t use a client, they enter their data through the API (server interface).

A possible workaround in your case might be to set up a second account.

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