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Extremely High CPU and Memory Usage Evernote Mac

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Hi Evernote, 


MacBook Air 2019

macOS Big Sur

16gb memory 

1.6 ghz dual core

Evernote  on my Mac has been utilizing from 62 to 126% of my CPU for the past 4 hours.  Ever since I upgraded to Big Sur, Evernote has had high utilization. 

It's also consuming a lot of memory from 2.1GB to 3.2GB for past 4 hours (and since upgade).

What is Evernote doing to fix these performance issues for Mac users?

Thank you,




Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 9.58.57 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 9.59.09 AM.png

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2 hours ago, longtimeuser3 said:

What is Evernote doing to fix these performance issues for Mac users?

Probably nothing at all until someone reports the details to Support and can supply the logs to show where the excess activity is taking place...  although if this is connected with an app update,  the extra activity might be a one-time overuse due to Evernote getting the new database installed and up to speed.

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Same here. Very high CPU load after some browsing / editions through my notes. I have to restart Evernote to get back to normal CPU usage - for some time. Happens since last update.


Mac mini mid-2010, Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz, 16 GB RAM.

macOS High Sierra.

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Hit a key and CPU shoots to 103%.  Wait a long time and it eventually goes down to 4%.  Then hit a key again and it goes to 103% again.


  System Version: macOS 10.14.6 (18G5033)


Here it is at 92.9%

589623192_ScreenShot2021-01-22at10_32_30AM.thumb.png.efc10506715e49c6f31a36dfa507f6c7.png  Kernel Version: Darwin 18.7.0

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6 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

When it happens, quit the app cmd-q, and restart. Only closing it won’t work.

Thanks @PinkElephant, but it's not very 2021... I hope Evernote IT Team is aware and working on this issue...

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That is the current workaround, user to user.

No other solution until EN delivers a fix.

Since the framework used by EN is based on Chrome, I have my doubts how far the resources usage can be lowered in the end.

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Mojave 10.14.6

Legacy EN 7.14 = RAM usage idle 5 mins after launch is 275MB

Latest EN 10.17.8 = RAM usage idle 5 mins after launch is 696MB.

EN 10 clearly uses much more memory to just load and display the note list.  

In EN 10 click on the Home icon in sidebar and memory usage 886MB. Its a pity these newer apps are written with little respect for machines that have only 4GB or 8GB of RAM. We do have other applications to run, please don't take it all Evernote!


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EN legacy is a app written natively for the Mac. Everything is coded for the Mac, it can’t share much with other platforms. In itself it is optimized, but maintaining it is a big problem. Thus no new features for a long time.

EN legacy is nested in a framework. This is basically a browser without a front end. The app handles the program logic, the framework communicates with the devices OS. What you see is mainly the browser backend consuming resources. The apps code can be shared over platforms - thus we get new features, but others (possibly not supported by the framework) are missing.

No easy way to tell what is better.

What I am quite sure of: EN would have killed itself by a continued stalemate without innovation.

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So EV is slow.   Is there something in our control to make it more usable  ?   e.g.  I have about 8500 notes.  Can I separate them into different databases somehow (not just different notebooks), even if it means I can't have access to everything at once ?  Does it matter if I'm using stacks or not ?  What about types of content (eg screenshots vs web clippings)

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The easiest solution is to install the legacy client.

Personally I am on a similar note count, and I don’t regard EN v10 as being slow on my Mac. It is slower than legacy, but fast enough for my usage. V10 has a tendency to run slow on large notes, so try to create smaller individual notes instead of very large ones.

What may be relevant is your network, that is the internet connection plus the local network. Use an ethernet cable if possible, not WiFi. If it must be WiFi use a 5GHz network, not the 2.4GHz band.

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