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Bring back AJAX Search Functionality PLEASE



The new search function is terrible. 

  1. Click the search icon
  2. Enter your terms
  3. Click on the result OR hit enter to show all results
  4. Click on the note on the left to see the full note on the right
  5. To revert back to the normal view... Click on search icon
  6. Click X to clear results

Previous Version

  1. Click once in search notes box
  2. Enter your search terms - AJAX (not sure if that is what it really is) automatically narrows your results. For me, the notes that meet the search show up in the left panel
  3. Click on the note on the left to see the full note with terms highlighted
  4. To revert back to normal view... simply click the X in the search bar

So you've added two steps to the process above. That might not sound like much, but it results in me sticking with Legacy. There is plenty of room at the top right of the Mac application (near the only you and share button) to add the search field back like it was in Legacy.

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