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No preferences on 10.4.4.

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I have been on Evernote 10.x.x for some time now and updated it regularly, and now I am on Evernote 10.4.4.

The problem is I can't access the preferences. When I go to Tools - Preferences, there is only one option "Save data at log out".

This is not a new issue, there is a whole topic about this already, just for another version.  People are begging for this to be solved for two months now, and new versions are coming out, but they don't seem do be fixing it.

I'll quote myself from that topic:



Evernote has been unusable since I can't setup my preferences. I am writing in another language, I have different time formats, my database is stored in a different location, I need different hotkeys and bunch of other settings. Please fix this as soon as possible. I can't deal with a "dumb" version of Evernote, it's useless.

How did this even go past testing phase? It's the most important part of the app, how did people that are payed to test something miss that the settings are missing? How is that even possible? If you can't set up the program the way you need to, how can you even use it? I will be considering leaving Evernote after this blunder. This is unacceptable. I would have understanding if it was some minor bug, but to miss that you can't access the preferences, that's something not even a freshman software engineer would do.

Please please fix this, my yearly subscription expires in a month and I really want to stay with Evernote, but you are making it really hard to like you at the moment. To miss that you don't have preferences, the most important part of the app... and then not even respond for two months.... seems unreal. Never expected this from a company like Evernote.

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Same problem, of course, no preferences at all but one.

I became aware of it after trying to disable, pointlessly, the spelling checker. Frustating, it seems this new version is not mature at all and probably it shouln't have been deployed yet.

I hope the Evernote team fix this issue soon.

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2 hours ago, agsteele said:

I anticipate that the options menu will be broken up into various individual settings in the other menus. Of course I may be wrong... It has been known ;)

EN 10.5.1 (the current web version) has one additional option to 10.4.4 (Windows version) so at this rate of progress expect something close to the range of options in 6.25 by about 2034!

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I'm also very disappointed.... my primary workflows are horribly degraded or unusable.

There are no options to change the keys to get a screenshot to the clipboard. I managed to find Ctrl-Alt-S after a lot of searching. And when I use it it closes Evernote! I have to reopen it to paste the image in, and then its not immediate, I have to wait sometimes. Am I missing something?

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A few preferences DO exist but they aren't, so far, collected in a preferences menu.  For example the preference to display (or not) the number of notes in a notebook in the sidebar. This appears in the View menu. It is a preference but located in the main menus.  I suspect that this is what we will see more of - perhaps until that makes the menus too cumbersome but for now...

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I really miss the possibility to store the evernote db on a different location.

After upgrading to Evernote 10 my pc stopped responding because the Evernote db used up all the remaining free space on my C:\ drive :( (250Gb SSD)

Only solution I see is either downgrading to V6 or, maybe I should have done that ages ago, redirecting the appdata folder to my other HDD.

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There also seems to be nowhere to activate Evernote Helper to permanently run in the background, so the App needs to be running for that functionality.

Really not happy with this version and from what I read in forums nothing seems to be done about the bugginess. Seriously thinking of saving my subscription and going to  Apple Notes or MS OneNote.

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8 hours ago, md013 said:

Really not happy with this version and from what I read in forums nothing seems to be done about the bugginess.

Actually, each release deals with issues and extra bug releases have come along as well. The problem most folk seem to have is not that nothing is happening but that the things they are personally concerned about aren't addressed as quickly as they would like. Obviously, if an alternative product does what you need then good for you.  None of the alternatives do what I need so since I can work in the so-called legacy version for the time being, I'm content to let the bugs be dealt with and for v10 to catch up with the legacy. Everything I need and pay for remains available so I'm happy to be patient and enjoy watching the new version develop step by step.

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