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Ability to personalize date format (and hotkey)




There should be a customizable "date" shortcut (This was there on the native versions of evernote before the 'new' evernote). 


One should be able to choose several preset options, such as:


One should also be able to drag each element, add text in between, etc. For example, if someone wants to set up a format such as:


Today is December 03, 2020


They should customize it as such:


"Today is "+ [Month] + " " + [DD] + ", " + [YYYY]

or some drag-and-drop, interactive, intuitive UX. 


The options should be:

MM - Month, represented by two numbers (May would be 05, December would be 12)

DD - Day, represented by numbers (the fifth would be 05, twentieth would be 20)

YY - Year, represented by the last two digits. 2020 would just be 20, 2019 would be 19.

YYYY - Year, represented by all four digits

Month - Month, as a word

Day - Day as a word

Year - Year as a word (optional, I don't think anyone would like saying "twenty twenty")


Additionally, the user should be given the option to bind any key (or combination) to insert this customized date. 


I think this would be an excellent addition to evernote. I use it daily, and I have always wished for a feature like this. 

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6 minutes ago, IshaanV said:

There should be a customizable "date" shortcut

Personally, I use scripts to insert the date in my preferred formats: yyyy-mm-dd and yyyy-mm-dd-hh:mm
My scripting tools are Applescript and Keyboard Maestro

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