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Why did you removed the clear cache button?

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In the new iOS version theres no longer the option to delete the cache, why is that?

anybody has a different way to remove the app cache please??


and by the way, is there a reason to have this log in screen other than to annoy customers? (Picture) 

why not just have the normal sign in screen with the Username and Password fields?? I use a password manager, as do many people, it is really annoying to have to enter the username in order to get the password field revealed!! Its like logging in twice! 




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This is a security feature. If hackers try to brute force, they use something like your (and my) password manager, but as a Script. They try as many combinations as possible per second to crack the account open.

With the 2 step login, they need to enter the user, send it (which means wait) and then try the next password. This brings brute forcing to a crawl, and forces the computer used to keep this one connection alive, hindering multitasking. 

IMHO a small price to pay to make accounts safer. If everybody would use 2FA, it would probably not be necessary.

If you check the „Remember me for 30 days“, you won’t see the login often.

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