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[Feature Request] Edit & Annotate via Skitch or integration with 3rd-party software for images



As we know - we can select an image inside a note, click onto the "pencil" icon for "Edit & Annotate" (hereafter abbreviated as "E&A")

I would like to suggest the following:

1. Greater customization on "default tool" - by default, the E&A will select the "adding arrows" feature. For many users presumably that isn't a primary feature they would use going into A&E. I would love to see a way which the system could "remember' which tool, be default (or "last used"), would be selected when E&A is clicked. Many users might much prefer having highlighters, markers, or crop ready to go.


2. Enhancing immediate/subsequent E&A capabilities  - Aside from note-taking and planning, numerous users go to Evernote as their primary method of scanning and keeping paper documents. On this front, Evernote's mobile app does a good job with the options of "Automatic/Manual Mode", have the photos "save as -> Photo, Document, Post-It, Business Card(premium)", and the "Activate Multi-shot" feature for multi-page documents are tremendously helpful. This "Scan -> Save to a note, having it backed up on the cloud" SOP has made Evernote a favourite amongst many for book-keeping. HOWEVER, Evernote really struggles (vs. Office Lens and AdobeScan) in both the "immediate" or "subsequent"  E&A department.

By "immediate" -> After I snap a photo in Evernote on my phone, the only options are  i)  "save as... photo/document"  ii) and "rotate". There are no crops, highlights, marker annotates, and other rich features. That would be fine if the "subsequent" E&A could remedy it.

By "subsequent" -> On Android, E&A is accessed via long-pressing an image. The default tool is the giant red arrows that I suspect many users wouldn't want as default (see point 1). E&A are severely limited on Android, and sometimes non-intuitive/frustrating on Windows Desktop/Web, which ties to point 3.


3. Enhancing cropping capabilities - Evernote, with all due respect, is out-gunned on the cropping game vs. Office Lens and AdobeScan, without the ability of cropping the image edge-to-edge or rotate the image at any degrees. Rather, it has the stringent rectangular cropping limitation, which more than often would leave in unnecessary background. Being able to crop "edge to edge" for a paper document is incredibly helpful for aesthetics, formality, and individuals with OCD like me.  Cropping edge-to-edge would be a welcoming feature if added in E&A, at least in the "subsequent" department mentioned above, it can be further enhanced with "edge-detection" technology to save some manual labour. Note that cropping is very often necessary, even IF you have a steady hand, good lighting and camera, and the "Automatic Mode" is switched on to scan a document using Evernote mobile app. To ensure a document is taken successfully, either perfecting "Automatic Mode" or implementing the aforementioned cropping features are critical, and I would believe that the latter is a lot more doable!


I appreciate anyone taking the time to browse through my requests and I'm not sure whether these points have been communicated by users like me to Evernote. I would also appreciate anyone giving any tips/tricks, inputs, and whether you have similar issues regarding the E&A feature and what could potentially be expanded in future editions of Evernote. And I certainly think these features are not over the top, and would solidify Evernote's user base in the current era (where an explosion of note-taking/productivity apps have emerged).






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