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Deleted Notes Still appearing in Search

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Two notes continue to show up in searches, although I deleted the notes at least three weeks ago. I've emptied the trash several times in the ensuing days.  The title of the notes appear in the found column, but the "updated" column is empty. Nevertheless, if I sort the search results by Date Updated, they seem to have an updated date attached to them, as they are listed in between other "real" results and not at the beginning or end. When I select one of the notes on the laptop, I get a blank note.  When I do an identical search on either my iPhone or my iPad, the notes also appear; when I select one of the "phantom" notes, I get "Note Unavailable. Unable to load this note. Please refresh the page or try again later."  Pressing "Refresh" does nothing. All my devices are online, I've synced (several times). I'm on v10.4.4 build 2096 on my Mac; on my iPhone and iPad I'm on 10.1(1107121).  MacBook Pro Mojave, iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPad Air 2, iOS 14.2


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Same here, I have a support ticket open, but no joy. Interestingly this is limited to the new client and website. The deleted note does not show in either the legacy app or the legacy website. While this issue itself is not a big deal, it calls into question Evernote's sync. Which is literally the reason I moved back to Evernote from OneNote which I already get for "free" since I pay for Office 365. (OneNote's sync is atrocious), IMO.

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