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Remove the Share Button and the "only you" notice



There are those of us who have been complaining about this for years, and it seems like an unbelievably simple thing to implement. Many of us never use the Share button, so we don't need to see it, nor do we need to see "only you" on every document. It's an unneeded eyesore and just plain ugly. Can you finally just give us the option to turn off this feature if we don't need it?

I think you believe a small request like this is a joke. It's not. Many of choose apps, computers and other things, because they are pleasant to look at while we use them. This has been an ugly reminder that you don't think about your users for years. And I can't believe it's that hard to program into the system. Just give us the option to turn it off already.


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Yes, Lose the Share button. Or let me toggle it off. If you're about empowering your users then empower them. Part of the reason I have not updated my app — and am actively looking at replacements — is because the honking big and green Share button is there! I've got enough in my life to deal with without the additional visual schmutz of that big green Share button. It's as bad as all of the endless notifications and pestering that software is generating for users now. I DO NOT NEED THIS FUNCTIONALITY so empower me and let me turn it off. If you care about your users, your customers that enable your job, you should give allow us to turn this function off. Show some respect for once.

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