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(Archived) Would like a Trunk Forum / Fastever

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(I'll come to the Fastever bit in a minute.)

Now we have the Trunk a place where things listed on the Trunk could be discussed would be handy. Part of the reason for segregation would be the "don't expect support from Evernote folks" expectation such a forum would be bring. Now here's a case in point:

Fastever has announced TextExpander support (which ought to be an advantage over the "standard" Evernote iPhone client). However I can't see how to get it to work (nor whether the ability to text expand right within the Fastever app is there or not). So, I'd obviously like my problem solved. But I also think this is just the sort of thing a Trunk Forum could handle.


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A Trunk forum is a great idea - it would be nice to have a dedicated area to discuss integrations with major hardware partners like Livescribe, Eye-Fi, ScanSnap, as well as software add-ons like FastEver, Egretlist, and the like. It wouldn't be necessarily a place that manufacturers would have to participate - just a place where Evernote users can discuss best practices, tips and techniques for using these integrations. And of course to let Evernote know about any issues that arise with these integrations.

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