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nested note storage



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@miscelaine unfortunately, the discussion about nested notebook folders has been hashed out extensively and is likely something that the Evernote community will have to live with.  It is my non-technical understanding that it is an inherent part of the structure of the entire system that the only have Notebooks and Stacks as a two-level deep organizational structure.  Perhaps there is some chance that this entire upgrade to v10 will allow them to introduce something deeper once all of the legacy versions are retired, but I don't know that there is any support for this statement... other than wishful thinking.

Therefore, I would suggest you get used to the limitation of organizing your notebooks into stacks and make the best of it.

You reference nested tags, which is currently available and is an alternative organization structure to notebooks.  I am not much of a tagger, but there are a lot of posts that advocate replacing your notebooks with tags and just keeping one or two notebooks.  You definitely can have multiple levels of nested tags if you can't make the two-level deep organizational structure work with notebooks and stacks.

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If your notebook list is too long, you are not organizing your notes as it should be done in EN.

There are many who go with only about 10 notebooks, or maybe 20-30. These hold many thousands of notes, or may be nearly empty because they are only used as temporary steps in a process.

Probably what you are using notebooks for should be done by tags. You can of course continue as you do, but you will never get the full potential out of EN by relying on notebooks.


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20 hours ago, miscelaine said:

nested note storage via notebook folders or nested tags, ideally with a visual navigation system. the list of notebooks I have has already gotten very long and it is inconvenient to navigate

1575654534_ScreenShot2020-12-02at16_35_46.png.9c468f38b65e4159a84dbc2f3650b2c9.pngNavigation is provided in the Sidebar with the Notebook and Tag Trees

Notebooks can be organized into Stacks (two levels)

Tags can be organized into a parent-child hierarchy (unlimited levels)

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