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64-Bit Version of Evernote for Windows 10?

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iOS has no web clipper. It only has the app itself. iOS does not support 32bit apps since some years. Same with the Mac, since MacOS 10.15. Good for performance, not so good for older software.

Maybe Windows is a bit back on this, trying to protect all those people who run older software on their PCs. If you look how many people are still on Windows 7 there is probably a need for this. So no problem with 32bit on that platform.


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And most of those Windows 7 installations will be 64-Bit.

Windows has been available in 64-Bit since Windows XP. Windows 11 will only be 64-Bit or ARM64 (it will support 32-Bit Apps though).

In 2021 there's no reason to still be releasing apps in 32-Bit. Evernote and Spotify are the only apps I use that are still 32-Bit only.

Apple even cut off 32-Bit app support.

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No it's 32-Bit Only on Windows.

There's isn't any technical reason it couldn't be 64-Bit + ARM64 but the developers are to lazy to update it. EverNote isn't the only 32-Bit Only app in 2022. Spotify for Windows is the same.

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