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Duplicate pics being created when pasting one pic into notes

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iOS 10.2. I can take a screenshot in Safari iOS, then click copy, then open Evernote and paste the screenshot into a note. Evernote will then paste multiple copies of that screenshot in. Weird thing is, if I repeat this operation, Safari / screenshot / Evernote a few times (leaving and coming back), previous pasted in screenshots are still being duplicated. Doing this and pasting into other applications is not pasting multiples in. Anyone seen this one?


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I find that every time I paste a screenshot it pastes exactly 3 copies of the screenshot on three subsequent lines. Doesn't seem to matter what the note content is, I have it happen in bullet lists, new notes, old notes. Was a problem in 10.1.x and now still in 10.2. I have submitted a support ticket for it.

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