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Window focus not respected by all commands

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In Evernote 10.4.4

I have posted about this before.  There are times when I have multiple windows open that keyboard shortcuts or menu options will not respect the active window.  I think I used Printing when I last reported this.  The problem still exists and is sporadic.  Here is a short video demonstrating the problem with copy link using the ^⌥⌘ .  

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At 10.6.9 and still seeing these issues.

Latest example...

  1. Open a note in a new window
  2. Move main window onto another note
  3. Click on the open note window (in step 1)
  4. Choose Note | Print
  5. Choose Open in Preview
  6. See note from Main Window in Preview NOT the expect Note in the new window from step 1
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On 12/1/2020 at 9:06 PM, Dave Green said:

The problem still exists and is sporadic.

Hi.  Worth re-opening your last report if it was recent - did this occur in Legacy?

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24 minutes ago, Dave Green said:

did this occur in Legacy?

No although I have uninstalled it and have been pressing forward for last month with the new releases.

OK - you know the work-around for this if its an issue anyway.  Evernote will look into it,  but it may take a little time to fix...

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