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(Archived) Will not quit on shutdown



I have the latest version of Mac 10.6.4 and the latest version of Evernote for Mac. When I shut down my computer, Evernote will not quit automatically and I have force quit the application. Does anyone now if this is a bug or is this a problem with my system. Thanks.

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Most of the times, they are PDFs.

I again made the experience yesterday. I open EN and modify some text notes; delete other; create a new one; synchronise ... ok

I put 3 PDFs from my Desktop to EN with the "OpenWith" CM and the same phenomenon arrives.

I do not pay attention to Console; next time I'll repeat the operation, I'll take time to check it out and post back.

This is just an annoying problem: I just close the EN window to be sure that all the transactions to the SQL (or whatever is) database are

correctly commited (? Am I wrong with this ?) and then Force-Quit the application.

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I face the same "force to quit" problem but not specially on shutdowing the machine, but simply when I want to quit EN, even after closing the current EN's window

In my 10.6.4 MBP withe latest EN release, this occurs each time I use the "Open With" contextual menu to send one or more files from my desktop to EN.

If I just modify the EN's existing notes, create a new one with EN's built-in editor...i.e. not adding stuff with the "Open with" contextual menu, it is ok.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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