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Moving notes from private Premium to work Business account

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I've been using Evernote Premium for years, and now my company have introduced Evernote Business for my entire team. This means that I need to move all my work-related notes from my private Premium account to my new company Business account. What is the smoothes way to do this? The export/import alternative seems less-than-ideal since it seems to dump all my notes in one big pile, without saving the notes' stack and notebook affiliation. (Also, the export is split into more than one file (because of size, probably), which seems unneccesarily cumbersome.

What is the smoothest and easiest way to do this now?

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Hi.  I'm not a Business user,  so there may be more sensible ways to do this - but my suggestion would be to export your notes to ENEX.  You're correct that export does not save the notebook connection - and therefore also ignores stacks.  There is an option in the Legacy Evernote app (Tools> Options> Note> Note Merge Options in Windows) to vary the size of the 'chunks' into which an Enex file is split,  but you would need to export one notebook at a time.  Make sure you check the export options too,  because tags should be included.

The only other option would be to share your notebooks to the business account,  but I don't know whether that is even possible.  Again,  there's no stack-level share so you would have to reassemble your layout in the Business account.

Hope that helps...

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Sharing may be an option. You may try with a small notebook. 

Once shared to the business side, copy the notes to another notebook, to break the link to the shared content. If not done this way, others on the business account side will probably run into problems using the data. After that, the share can be removed.

Be aware that every content moved to the business side is not any longer under your control. It is part of the business data hoard, and is controlled by the business accounts admin.

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