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Evernote not syncing across all devices and not up to date on some web browsers.



Evernote program is only working (up to date) on certain devices with the app downloaded. It is also not up to date when accessed by certain web browsers (I have been told). Evernote has been uninstalled and reinstalled on devices. We have Evernote Premium and use it to catalog all the items in a warehouse. Please help. This is ruining everything.

Here is the error code I found in the activity log:

[Mon Nov 30 2020 06:20:47:0470]  WARN: conduit-core:  Performance:You are either filtering, sorting, and/or querying on unindexed paths {"actions":["querying"],"type":"Shortcut","queryName":"ShortcutList","unIndexedFilters":[],"unIndexedSorts":[],"unIndexedPaths":[["source","notebooks","id"],["source","notebooks","type"]],"timeElapsed":102} [native code]
[Mon Nov 30 2020 06:20:47:0984] ERROR: conduit-core: SyncManager activity threw an error IncrementalSyncActivity Unable to find IndexingTree node, reason: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'o[u]')
construct@[native code]

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13 minutes ago, claykorea said:

Evernote for Windows 10.4.4 also does not sync.

First off, stop spamming the forum - your activity has been reported to admin and your duplicate posts have been removed

I'm not seeing sync problems with Evernote (Legacy or Version 10)

If the Version 10 product is not working for you, you can use the Legacy product

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