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Manually sort reminders (windows 10.4.3)


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Is there a way to manually sort reminders in the new Windows version the way that used to be possibly within top view? Even with top view now available, the manual sort feature doesn't seem to be in place.

For reminders, sorting by title or updated columns isn't helpful when prioritising tasks, nor is sorting by reminder time as when priorities change, it is onerous to have to change the reminder time of all notes in the list just to juggle the order. 

Many thanks,

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I don't see an answer and hopefully you will.  Lack of sorting by reminders is a killer for me.  I get a daily email from Evernote with my notes that have reminders for that day and it is the backbone of my daily to do list structure.  Hope to hear answer soon.


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This is a major problem for me as well.  Being able to prioritize reminders was a critical part of my Evernote workflow and I was hoping the feature had simply moved and there was still a way to do this.  It's how I prioritize my TODO lists.  Is this basic feature really gone?  Is Evernote planning to put it back soon or are we just hosed?

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While I know there are a lot of complaints about the new Evernote v10... I am one of the few who actually like it a lot.  EXCEPT for the inability to sort saved searches by reminder date.  I can't believe they are on 10.4 and still haven't addressed this.  It is not a "feature"... it is a "bug" when they have a column that you can click on and it displays an up or down arrow, but has no impact on the sort of the list.  This seems like it should have been a low hanging fix to address quickly after release of the new version but the fact that this is still not addressed makes me worry it may not be such an easy fix.

I can't think of any other application I have ever used that had sortable columns where half of them don't work.

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Strikes me a lot of customers will be looking for a replacement if this feature is not re-added quickly (on both Apple and Windows).  I for one will be voting with my wallet.

This was one of the fundamental features of being able to arrange, prioritise and customise what's in your lists - why on earth would you remove this?(!)

A response would be appreciated Evernote, please.

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