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Clipping bookmarks, tags and old version


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Hi :

How can I go back to previous versions of Evernote? Two of my most used features have become useless with the upgrade: clipping of bookmarks and tagging. I use Evernote on iOS and Windows. I am a premium paid user of Evernote for years.


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That is only for Mac or Windows, I had already checked it out.. Looking for iOS(iphone/ipad)... How can I get back previous version  those device? This new version has rendered Evernote completely useless for me (clipping bookmarks and tagging were the main features I use).

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Clipping on iOS is not great, but it wasn’t before either.

Tagging was in fact improved in relation to before, because the iOS client now supports nested tags. With 10.2 the clipper now gained the ability to add tags. In another thread we are reviewing it (some claim tags got lost when syncing, needs some observation).

Maybe install 10.2 and give it a try.

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