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Do not update "Updated date" when moving note between notebooks

Sukjoon Kim


In original Evernote, when i move a note from one notebook to another notebook, no change on "Updated date".

But in a new Evernote, when I move a note, just move a note, the Update date also changed.

Is it a feature or fixed problem?

I'd like to restore the old feature: When I just move a note between notebooks, it's not an update!

So, When i move a note, or when i tag a note, It SHOULD NOT update the update date!

I hope It's ready in a near future.

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I too, would like to be able to move notes between notebooks and add/remove tags without changing the modified date.  I sort using the modified date and want to be able to freely reorganize notes without changing the sort order. 

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It is ludicrous that organising notes by moving folders and tagging is updating the note edit date - this needs to be changed to "the old way" so that only editing (not reorganising) notes changes the edit date.

I can see no reason for the new way to be the intended way of it working, must be a bug...?

p.s. I moved a five year old note into a new folder structure and suddenly it is top of the list..... not what I wanted to happen!

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This is a problem for me too. I want to reorganize notes without changing their "date updated", as the contents of the note don't change when filling them into a new folder. 

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On 6/17/2021 at 7:36 AM, Pere said:

This is a problem for me too. I want to reorganize notes without changing their "date updated", as the contents of the note don't change when filling them into a new folder. 

Imho Any update should result in the "date updated" being changed

fwiw  I prefix the note titles with the subject date, for example 2021-06-20 Receipt [Groceries] ...

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@DTLow Your prefix suggestion is an unworkable hack, going against the ease-of-use of Evernote.

- Any content change in a note should trigger the update date to change

- Any metadata change should NOT trigger an update date refresh - categorisations , folders, labels, etc.

Looks like majority of people in this thread are of this advise. 

Usability of Evernote has seriously dropped for me since this regression : any reorg of my notes breaks the history.  Last update date is an important element of a note : "When was I working on that topic", or "when did I last speak with that person".  But when I move older notes in a separate folder, all this info is lost, forcing me to explicitly write down dates in the note itself ...  not a good workflow !

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IMHO this whole thread is pretty pointless: There can’t be a million different definitions of “update”. A note is touched, edited, moved, whatsoever. And this means updated in the broadest sense of it.

If you imagine a table of all different actions, and add a switch to define whether it should update the date or not, it is obvious that the combination of possible on/off choices grows beyond all reasonable means.

It really makes no sense at all … and is often the result of (instead of accepting it is a system defined field under system control)  building complex systems around these dates. My advise: Go and use tasks in the future for targeted actions, let the system default fields like creation and modified untouched.

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