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Tag alias / tag synonym



Maybe it would be useful to be able tagging a note with a tag alias or a tag synonym: a user enters a tag which possibly resolves to or changes into another tag, depending on its significant relationship to the other.

Such a feature would allow the user to specify a 'wrong' tag, e.g. Old instead of Archive. This eliminates the necessity to remember a specific name of a tag for using that tag.

Another apparent scenario for this would be abbrevations, acronyms and translations, e.g. MS instead of Microsoft. Or: The Netherlands, Netherlands, Nederland all become NL.

It could also be used to represent a real world relationship between two different wordings for the same thing, e.g. the name or reference of a project instead of the order number of that project, whatever the user is used to in her/his role/function.

And it could be used for real synonyms too. 😉

Whether such a tag alias should resolve to or change into another tag, and whether that tag should be the first, the shortest or a set up tag with the same meaning, and surely more implementation topics like visual appearance should be investigated and decided by the development department, what they best see fit.

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This would be great, and would make search more intuitive. One core value prop of Evernote is "remember everything". And sometimes people will search for the same concept in different ways:

  • Abbreviations/acronyms versus spelled out: tags for MSFT and Microsoft should be treated the same, as should CA and California, to name two simple examples.
  • Singular vs plural: tags for "meeting notes" and "meeting note" should be treated the same
  • Actual synonyms: tags for "car" and "auto" should be treated the same.

It'd be fine by me to define my own synonyms for tags... for each tag, simply let me specify its synonyms.

And if I'm tagging a note, default to the synonym. For instance:

  1. If I have a tag "car" which has synonyms "cars", "auto", and "autos"
  2. Then when I tag a note "auto", it should automatically flip that tag to "car".
  3. And when I search for "autos", I should automatically find notes that are tagged "car" and also be prompted to filter by tag "car".

Hope that's clear on the request.


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