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Multiple EXB Files on my Hard Drive

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Hi all - I have been searching my computer (Windows 10) to find ways to free up space, and I noticed that I have multiple .exb files - one loose on my desktop, one in an an Evernote folder on my desktop, then yet another in my documents-->Evernote-->Databases. Why do I have multiples, shouldn't I only have one? These are HUGE files.....the files are 67 GB, .500MB and 57 GB respectively!

I don't know if this is related but recently, my 2 TB hard drive space has been draining, and I can't figure out why or how. I'm conscious of what files I save, and even when I haven't done any activity, I can literally watch the available space rapidly decrease in the File Explored window. I do sync my laptop and desktop with Google Drive, but everything seems to be AOK there.....I suspect something is going on with Evernote, considering these multiple exb files. Any help would be appreciated!

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53 minutes ago, dloprinzi said:

Should I uninstall Evernote windows client, then delete all 3 exb files, then re-install and let it build a new one exb file?

You don't have to delete the app    
Warning: The rebuild will not include Local Notebooks

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21 minutes ago, dloprinzi said:

Sorry, I'm not clear on what you're recommending. What exactly should I do to remove the unneeded exb files? I don't know which is the correct one.

Go ahead and delete the .exb files, it will be rebuilt from the server
I was just pointing out that you don't have to uninstall/re-install the app

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I would suggest looking at the date code of the .exb files to see which is the most current and then rename the others first. Only after confirming that the remaining file is the one and only one you want, then delete the files you renamed.

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