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How does partiel screendump from topmenu icon work in 10.3.7

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Screendump from the "little elephant" in the menu line used to be very handy and easy to use, but now it's not working for partial clippings. The dropdown box is included and the content doesn't end in the clipboard. It's in fact so useless now that I seriously consider to convert to Onenote or anything else but Evernote... :-(

Look at the screendump (chosen area) with the stupid note-thing i upper right corner. It is useless with the note in front, stupid to be saved as a note and then even more stupid to have spent a lot of clicks to save, search and then insert as a PNG file. Worst is of course that you cannet make a partial selection for screendump without colliding with the dropdown thing.

Come again. And do not try to be smart but listen to the old phrase: If it aint broken, don't fix it... :-(

Or did I miss some thing..?


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