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Export/import notes from Bear to Evernote

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Now that Evernote has updates most of its clients, I am thinking of moving my notes back from Bear to Evernote.

Bear allows exporting in plain text, Markdown, Text Bundle, Bear Note, RTF, HTML, docx, pdf, jpg, taskpaper and ePub. But when I try and import or drag and drop these into Evernote Mac (v10.4.3) the best I can do is a note created today with the contents as an attachment.

I've got a few hundred notes to export and it is essential that I can maintain the same 'created on' date on the notes in Evernote

The suggestions in other parts of the Evernote forum here and here do not work for me. 

Any ideas?

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried drag-and-drop on the Legacy version. Text-only notes came across okay, but any notes with an attachment or image came across as an attachment.

Had good results with importing HTML into the Legacy version. Images appeared inline in the notes.

However, with both methods, the 'created' date on the notes were all today, rather than when they were created in Bear.

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