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Possible to know what notes have been opened?

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Hi, my account was hacked. Is it possible to view what was searched for across devices? In other words, right now I can see my recent searches per device, is there a history to show what searches happened in the account in general? In other words, I am trying to understand what the hacker searched for and saw. Thank you.

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On 11/24/2020 at 9:38 PM, jennn414 said:

Is it possible to view what was searched for across devices?

Hi.  If someone else gained access to your account it was most likely a scouting expedition to check whether credentials obtained from another website worked in Evernote.  So - probably no searches if you changed your password and applied 2FA quickly.  If they gained access,  they had exactly the same access you enjoy - because they were 'you'.  So any search history you can see is all that is available.  You could try looking for updated / created dates that match the access date,  but that won't include searches,  just any changes.  Best advice is: take what precautions you can and move on.  Just make sure this can't happen again!

...And I merged your other post back here - please don't post on (effectively) the same issue twice...

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