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I attempted to open EN desktop. I received an error message that said there was something wrong on EN's end and it provided the options to either Quit or Restart. I tried to restart and got the same error message. Eventually, I tried to quit and got the same error message.  I then tried to open EN online and was able to do so.  Therefore, I uninstalled the desktop version and tried to reinstall it.  I got the same error message as before. Now I cannot reinstall the desktop version.  I am running Windows 10. Please help.

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I'm sorry to hear this and it will be no comfort for you to know that this isn't a widespread issue.

First of all you should be able to use the legacy version of Evernote or, indeed, the web interface.

I'd suggest a complete uninstall including deleting the data directory. Then, if you still want to use v10, reinstall from scratch.

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