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Evernote forced Separated Accounts - now Thousands (years) of notes are missing

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Last week, I was unable to login to my Evernote Account. The message was something about Evernote deciding to split my personal account from my business account. I have had these accounts for years. In the case of my personal account, decades. So... I followed the prompts, did what the system told me to, and was able to login to my business account. None of my thousands of personal notes were in my business account, so I logged off and logged in to my personal account. I was asked to change the password and complied. 

Now... not on of my personal notes are in my personal account. I am missing some seriously important material that I've been collecting for years. Book research, licenses, photos, scanned documents going back to my college-aged kid's birth certificate.

I need help, gang. 

There seems no way to submit an email help ticket. I found no phone number to call. This seems to be the only channel available to connect with Evernote for help. 

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3 hours ago, DocDJFit said:

There seems no way to submit an email help ticket. I found no phone number to call. This seems to be the only channel available to connect with Evernote for help. 

Hi.  Using this login,  you come up as a basic user - so no access to Support.  If you have a separate Business account,  try contacting Support via those details.  It's most likely that your notes are alive and well and locked into your personal account,  but that you temporarily don't have access.  Best way to sort it out is to use the 'forgot password' option on Evernote.com - check any email addresses you may have used for business or personal accounts;  if that fails you'll have to wait for Support to resolve this.

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You should be able to get support using the new Business account, even if there are no notes in there.

If this doesn't work, you can try this:


Just to explain what happened: Legal rules enforce the split of information with professional character into two accounts: One personal, belonging to you, the other professional, belonging to the company. This is what EN is now implementing (it was done in 2017, but not enforced). If you are alone using the account, you don't need Business. Business only makes sense if at least 2 people are using the account (usually more than just 2). Between the accounts there is a "Chinese wall", so it is not easy to move information between the two. But as I said, this is done for legal reasons, not for ease of use.

If alone, skip Business, get access to the Premium account where your notes probably are already, and continue on Premium. If it is a real Business use case, the Business account needs to get an Admin who can set it up ("Spaces"). And you need to extract the Business notes from your personal account and move it over to the Business side.

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