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10.4 for Mac - does it fix the sluggish text editor interactions created by 10.3.7

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As noted by many users, including myself, 10.3.7 for Mac was a terrible performance disappointment.  There may have been many improvements but for me, they were of no consequence. The basic Desktop EN performance deteriorated so badly that I could not continue using it and had to revert to the Legacy version.  The Desktop version experienced a completely unacceptable slow/jerky response to text editing, including multi-second delays between keystrokes and the appearance of the text in the note.  Other forum users noted slow responses in note creation.  I'm trying to decide whether to test 10.4 or continue running the Legacy version.  I'm thankful that someone at EN decided to make the Legacy version available, otherwise I would already have switched to an EN alternative.  By the way, I'm running EN on a MacMini (Late 2014) with BigSur 11.0.1

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