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New iOS 10.1 app loses data

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The new app is quite buggy. It also commits the unforgiveable sin, losing data.

I'm on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, running 14.2

Two particular problems I'm noticing.

1) When I click on a note, the screen comes up blank, except for the little green "back" arrow in upper left.  Restarting the app seems to temporarily fix this, but it returns pretty quickly.  Incredibly annoying.

2) When editing a note, the app forgets what you type in.  To reproduce:

-Open an existing note (very short, just a couple lines)

-Type in a couple words, now shut down the app in iOS-- the new words are lost.

-Or.... type in a couple words and click the green check mark to stop editing.  Now shut down the app and restart.  New edits are lost.


What the heck.  You literally had one job-- don't lose my data.  I'm seeing reports of this for a month now, and no effective response.

Researching alternatives.


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No such issues, same iPhone, same iOS, same EN client.

Maybe reinstall the app:

  1. Uninstall the app, dump all data
  2. Switch the iPhone completely OFF, wait a moment, switch on again (if it shows the Apple logo, it is o.k.)
  3. Go to iOS settings, display, turn autolockscreen-off to never
  4. Reinstall the app, log in, wait until it has synced all metadata from the server
  5. Set autolockscreen back to your standard settings
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Same issue here. They know about it and apparently it’s the number one priority. A functional iOS version can’t get here soon enough.

Have logged out, uninstalled, hard reset, reinstalled countless times on each new iOS update. 


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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has had disappearing note content (even though I click the green check mark carefully often).  I use Evernote to journal during my daily devotionals and it's given me lots of opportunities to practice forgiveness lately!  😂

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