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Direct link to URL of webpage saved as a note



When I browser on my phone, I often use the "Share to Evernote" feature to save a website to read it later. My Android phone saves the content of webpage as a note by default.

In previous version of Evernote, the URL of webpage saved this way was visible in the note. I could click on it and immediately go to the original page. In new version, this is obfuscated. The URL of webpage is still there, but it is only accessible via "Note Info" window.

I would like two changes:

  1. Include the URL of saved webpage in a note. Let me click on it directly. Just like in old version.
  2. Let me choose what the "Share to Evernote" does on Android. I don't want it to save the webpage content. I would like it if it just created a note with URL of the page.
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It would be ideal if they could make that URL field display without going into the Note Info... only when it actually has a value entered on the note info tab.  By default the field has a value set when using the webclipper, so users would be able to see (and click through) to the source material without going into Note Info.  But for users who do not use that feature, or for notes that do not have a corresponding URL, it wouldn't take up screen real estate.



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i agree - this is a nightmare and i wish i'd not updated to this version because of it. when i clip a webpage i need to be able to click in the note to go back to the original webpage - which we've always been able to do up until now (without having to go into note info and copy and pasting the url). you guys need to sort this one out - big boo boo! 

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Yep, I also think it would be nice to get options, and set what exact "default" behavior do we need as a default. Some developers cannot fix it in a simple way, and they do a lot of things from scratch, to fix such issues on the websites. I do know guys that can help in such dev process ( https://www.talenteria.com/ ), cause they helped me a lot in my career site building process.

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I came here to ask for the same. I spent half an hour looking for the URL source of some of the web clippings and could not find it.  

Please consider this a bug report or a feature request, what have you, but I am requesting that the URL source of the notes be visible on the note.  At minimum include more intuitive steps that someone would try when looking for something like this e.g. an easy to find button on the note, and/or making it possible to access the URL info when right clicking on the note. 

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