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Update not working, versions = ?


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I currently have v6.16.1 b1465 installed on my Mac. It tells me there is an update, but crashes imediately after showing the loader.

And the version numbers last year are way higher?

There is Preview, Beta, Home ... can anyone clear things up for me? This is really confusing. What's the latest version for MacOS. Does the stable version already include the new editor?

Thanks, Michael

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It's been almost a year since you posted this, and you haven't received a response, which makes me sad. I'm going to try and help you out.

Now on the Mac, there is the version you're familiar with, which is now called "Legacy", and the new nextgen version 10. What's neat about how Legacy and v10 are structured is that they can be both installed on your system… and they'll work together.

I'm not sure what version of macOS you're running there, so Legacy and v10 may not even run… but nevertheless:
This article will walk you through uninstalling Evernote. 
Note: If you have opted to create any local notebooks, it's important to back these up before uninstalling Evernote or they will be lost. Learn more about local notebooks.

This article will walk you through uninstalling Evernote:

Here is where you can download Evernote Legacy:

…and finally, here is where you can download Evernote v10.x.x

I hope that helps! If I can be of additional assistance, let me know. Stay safe!


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