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Still Running Web v5.33.0???


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I was an early adopter of the web beta last year, participated in the web beta testing of reminders and am one of the few users who really likes the Mac and iOS v10.  However, for some reason my web version is still stuck on v5.33.0.  I see others talking about v10.4... how do I get the new version to be activated?

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Hi.  Careful what you wish for...

I'm also on 5.33.  I raised it with Support and they said it's because I have a big account (currently 52,000 notes).  They worked some magic for me to try 10.x out,  but I immediately started getting duplicate notes and other issues .  Plus it took forever to load.  So they unmagicked me and 5.33 is back while they work on the volume thing. 

I do get the new version in a Basic account with about 100 notes,  so I can play there if I need to.

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