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[HELP] Copying and pasting onto evernote messes up the format!

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Ever since I updated to the latest evernote versions, i have been experiencing issues with copying and pasting. The formatting / organisation / structuring of the content becomes a mess and I have to spend a lot of time re-organising the content. Does anyone experience this issue too? Appreciate if I can get tips to resolve the issue. Thank you!

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EN on iOS lacks a real web clipper. For that the web clipper on desktop does a much better job.

On iOS you can conserve a web site better by creating a pdf from the content: Preferably go to reading mode, select share, print, on the preview pinch outward with 2 fingers, which creates a pdf and opens it. Now use share again to send it into EN.

However, links will be inactive, and the URL lost. If you want the URL, copy it from the browser before creating the pdf. When done with the pdf, open EN, wait the new note to be created, click into it and paste the URL as text.

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