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Request: Remove Reminders Tab (optionally)

Nick Lane



I do not use Evernote for setting reminders. It currently shows a title for this (and notes) and unnecessarily takes up screen real estate at the top of my notes list with no way of removing it.

I would love to be able to hide/disable these tabs from being a filtered view. On a small notebook screen, it could add a nice amount of screen height that doesn't seem necessary if I never tab between them. I have no need to view "Notes" or "Reminders" as titles at all times at the top of my app. I'd much prefer to just get to my first note listed.

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 6.28.32 PM.png

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This was discussed in a prior post, and it turned out the user had some old notes with completed reminders, which makes the Reminders tab show up on All Notes, or any notebook that has a reminder (either completed or active).  If you have no reminders set on any note, then the tab goes away.

Try searching for "reminderDoneTime:*" to see if there are any completed reminders.  Or click on the settings "sprocket" within the All Notes/Reminders tab and select "Show Completed Reminders" to make sure nothing is in there.  If you "remove" any completed reminders, the tab *should* go away

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