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Import txt files into Evernote


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I'd like to transfer some notes from another application into Evernote. Is it possible to import .txt files into Evernote for Mac?

I tried to drag the .txt files into Evernote window, it didn't work, it created notes with the .txt files in attachment and the embedded .txt files are read-only in Evernote (instead of creating notes with the contents of the .txt files).

I tried File > Import, it didn't work, it created a new notebook for each .txt file (instead of creating multiple notes in the current notebook).

I tried to register for an API key at https://dev.evernote.com/doc/, it didn't work and the SDKs haven't been updated in 4 years. Is it abandoned?

I also found some AppleScript files but they don't work.

Is it really impossible to import data into Evernote?

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I am having the same issue, trying to switch over from Bear and cannot import any file type into Evernote. It appears this is a new issue as threads from 2018 indicate the ability to import HTML and other file types. This needs to be fixed.

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I created a folder on Mac called 2Evernote ( You can call it whatever you like) then implemented  Evernote/Preferences/import folder...to a Notebook called....Sort......

Anything I want in Evernote I dump in 2Evernote and it appears in "Sort".


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