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Salesforce integration

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Salesforce administrators must install Evernote for Salesforce for their team then add Evernote to the page layouts. Evernote for Salesforce is great for opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, and even custom objects. To get started:

  1. Sign in to Salesforce
  2. Install Evernote for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange
  3. Follow the Installation and Administration Guide to complete setup and installation

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+ 1 on this topic - same issue for me.

I was wondering whether it had to do with me not being premium (was holding off, as Evernote won't work for us if the Salesforce piece doesn't work at all), but seeing that Shamit has a premium subscription, I'm guessing that can't be the issue.

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HI there, I had a chance to sort this out. First, Salesforce / Evernote requires a Business Evernote account and a Professional Salesforce account with REST API turned on. Further, the Evernote "widget" shows up in Salesforce only on the mobile apps or in Firefox (some issue with Chrome, Edge, etc.). It does eventually work with these tweaks and is a super helpful integration.

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