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Annotated graphics disappear

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I have the latest version of Evernote and I'm on Big Sur. When I annotate a graphic that's part of a note, sometimes the only thing in the note, after I annotate, save, and quit out, when I go back in later, the entire graphic will be deleted from the note. I have to go into note history and restore the previous version. I've now stopped annotating and just typing in changes above the graphic.

This has happened multiple times now.


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I  annotated a pdf with a couple of highlights in Evernote 10 with Big Sur.   It caused the entire pdf to disappear from my note with no recovery.   I have the old Mac version on my desktop alongside the new version- the pdf is gone there too.   I was testing to see if things were improving.  Within 2 minutes I had already lost data.   My advice:  don't even test out Evernote 10 with your live database.  After working with Evernote for over a decade, I am migrating to Apple Notes, I cannot afford to wobble through this nightmare as Evernote figures out how to operate their own platform--I am trying to run my own business.   

At this point it isn't a comparison of features any more.  Evernote have a few features, like the web clipper and mail-in that are great.  The new editor looks good.  But, if you cannot trust that it won't lose your work, what's the point????   At this point OneNote, Bear, Apple Notes all have one HUGE feature advantage over Evernote-- they do what they are supposed to and generally don't destroy or lose your data.    

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