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(Archived) Features I would like to see

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I have only been using the beta for a few days, but I have some features that I think woul dbe good to have included in the final product.

1.The ability to sort saved searches and tags, as well as have next "folder" of tags and saved searches.

2. When using the shortcut key to open a note, have the note open in a small window on top of whatever you are currently working on, instead of opening Evernote.

3. The ability to tag a note when it is open in its own window.

4. The ability to add voice notes from the windows version.

Again, just my two cents worth and the features may be there and I don't know where to look.

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Great ideas, especially number 2. Often I am reading something and want to write down a short sentence or two about it. I don't necessarily want to copy it into Evernote, or try to remember what I want to write and then switch to evernote, I want to be able to type into evernote while looking at the item that I am thinking about.

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1. Ability to copy and paste a whole note - or to set up my own templates so that I can write my blog off-line.

2. Easy way to synchronize between off-line databases (e.g., main computer and portable version). My office is restricting Internet access, using network sniffers, etc., so I would prefer to just use the portable version (very useful, but I can't install it on my office desktop) and then synchronize easily at home. I can use a back-up program, but it would be nice to have included ...

3. Ability to turn 'private' notebooks that are stored in the cloud into 'local' notebooks - and back again if I change my mind

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Hehhehehe, the highlighting, seemingly so simple, has been requested since the first version. Features might disappear or be added but I don't see a highlighter in the near future, lol.

It's hilarious when you think about it ;)

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How about the option to show only tags that are in use in the current notebook? Just a refinement of what is already there, but would allow quicker retrieval of information.


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Ink over Text

I would like that above all other things.

If I import a word document, I would like it to remain text (for file size reasons) but super impose inking on top of it,

so that the text can be marked up but still searchable.

for example, highlight, circle, underline, draw arrows, etc

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The ability to set a background color for the notes. That can be used to highlight important notes or to make certain groups (in addition to tagging).

Another desired feature is a better shortcuts support , e.g. for Reseting / Clear the Search Field and for Enabling/disabling the Loupe.

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patnpm wrote

identify notes which have no tags

Just look in the note title for blank tag field (In Windows version)...you can also order on the tag column and see them best at the beginning ot the end (by notebook)

In the Web version, you cannot order by column (a wish) and you cannot RESIZE the tag column (other wish) which gives a very ugly look as tags are written one by line and if its a two word or three word tag it is a problem.

Wishes in general:

1) In Windows you can write tag:ever standing for tag:evernote it will work (abreviation) but NOT on the web version

2) In Windows you can write tag:daily notes (as two word tag) but in the web it must be enclosed in "" tag:"daily notes"

both of these wish are to have better even behavior between Windows and Web....

meaning here in both points: Windows AND Web should work the same!!!! (otherwise, you just confuse the user)

3) A completely new search.... the any/all is ridiculous. At least boolean AND OR NOT () (with parentesis for grouping), plus and minus words, and hopefully not a typed search but an intelligent click and select one. (need to revamp the tagging system)

4) Obviously, a parent tag (even with no notes associated to it) MUST show all its children notes (this is on the way if EN 2.2.1 functionning is going to get to Beta 3)

The rest of the wishes..... from 2.2.1 (but insisting on the new searching engine as mentionned in 3)

Best regards


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