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How can I see all notes with shared public links and turn them off?

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I did not find this method to work. The "sharedate" field remains populated after turning off the sharable link.

Is there any other method to find the notes that have an active sharable link?

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5 hours ago, Pryn625 said:

I did not find this method to work. The "sharedate" field remains populated after turning off the sharable link.

Works for me. it may be a lag as the search gets updated on the server. You could doing the same search on the web version.

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sharedate:* works a dream for finding all shared notes (I am only just starting to understand the scope that search has in EN and i've been a user for 10 years...), but to my knowledge there is no way of "bulk un-sharing" with the notes that this search pulls up. Just a case of un-sharing one by one. But...as i say.....this is just as far as I know, and would be very happy to hear that i am wrong :)


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No, there is AFAIK no bulk-unsharing for individual notes.

What comes close to it is to share notebooks instead of individual notes. It depends on your use case, of course. If you can share a notebook, every note moved inside of it is shared, and every note moved outside is automatically unshared. Because you can move a selection of notes together, you can share/unshare a group of selected notes in one go.

It takes a little planning ahead, but if you know you will share information with some people, setting up a shared notebook is better than sharing each single note. Say a project group is formed - share a project notebook, to which everybody in the team can contribute. Once the project is over, save the content* and unshare.

(*) To save such a notebook be aware that a shared note always belongs to the account who shared it. If the shared note is deleted without the share revoked first, the note gets orphaned. It can't be deleted in the recipients account, but it is out of control of the sharer himself, because the source got deleted. So always unshare first. For notes shared to you, create duplicates (unshared ones), and save these.

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6 minutes ago, Neil Maxfield said:

would be very happy to hear that i am wrong

Hi.  I'm sorry to depress you then,  but you're not.  It is fairly easy to generate a list of shared notes using that 'search' thing,  and if you then scroll through them one at a time and 'unshare' manually,  it is quick on a note-by-note basis... but may not be practical if you have lots. 

I'm quite careful when and how I share but somehow magically I get 12,549 notes when I use sharedate:* - roughly 12,500 of which I'm sure should NOT be there.  I have a longtime ticket running for an account reset, to cancel ALL shares (I'm happy to re-share anything that I need to.)  If that sounds like a viable option for you,  I'd suggest you raise your own ticket,  but link it to mine - #32764637

My little problem came out of using the Linux Beta v10 which (I found) flags shared notes much more clearly that Windows Legacy.  Investigating one odd icon I found it meant 'shared' and the excitment spun from there...  :)

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Oh, yes, the dangers of using v10 (sigh) ... 😂

The whole sharing is great, but it has its traps and downsides as well. I found a restrictive approach the best - much easier to keep several shared notebooks under control than a bunch of notes.

2 options I sometimes use:

Add a "shared" tag when sharing - makes it easier to find, especially in combination with other properties.

When sharing an individual note, set a reminder, and remove the share when the reminder comes up. Example: I sometimes share a note to this forum. I usually remove that share after 10 days - who is interested will have read it, and who comes too late ...

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34 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Oh, yes, the dangers of using v10 (sigh)

:D  Well I hate to defend it,  but in this case v10 actually highlighted an ongoing issue in Legacy.  I already do all the sensible things - share by notebook,  have one specialist notebook for shared individual notes (called intuitively "Shared Notes") which was mainly to make sure I didn't alter or delete something I'd shared.

For some reason,  back in the good old days of Legacy,  my Evernote started marking an apparently random number of notes 'shared',  but in (Windows) Legacy there's no indication of that status.  v10 made shared notes much more obvious,  which made me investigate. 

Still no clue whether this was a bug,  a 'feature' or my single greatest user error!

There's no great exposure - the URLs are not something you'd encounter by accident,  the likelihood of anything significant being in that 12,000-odd collection of movie reviews,  random URLs and technical tips is miniscule,  and the possibility that a black hat could find it intentionally is even lower than a lottery win;  but for the sake of tidiness,  and not seeing that darn icon everywhere I look,  I'd like the situation resolved!

For some reason the Team have had other priorities for a while though...  selfish lot!  ;)

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