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Auto conversion of Handwriting to text - How to DISABLE??

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I have recently purchased a iPad Air and need some good note taking apps, I have been using Evernote, but It is frustration as my handwritting is automatically and immediately  converted to Text and a lot of the time it doesnt pick up correctly, which means I am stuck with some words, e.g, 20 shows as 10, VAD shows as DAD, ROI goes to ROE, while the meeting is going on and i am missing key parts. Is there any setting where I dont convert handwriting to text immediately but only do it once I have completed my note? Similar to Notability, thanks

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I think I found the solution! The  setting is Scribble on iOS. It is not a change in Evernote. Scribble allows you to hand write in any text field and iOS transcribes it to type. disable this in the Apple Pencil settings and you should be back to normal!

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Correct !

The only problem arises when you want to use the Scribble feature in one app, but skip it for another. 

The basic system setting enables it for all apps, or disables it.

The only workaround AFAIK is probably to create a shortcut, that enables or disables it without the need to click through several levels of iOS settings just to toggle this feature.

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My handwriting keeps automatically converting to text. I do not want this. Evernote did not previously do this, is it because of an update?

The only option is to disable it in Scribble, but then the handwriting does not work at all in Evernote. 

The Apple website says that "With Scribble disabled, your Apple Pencil will only be able to write in apps designed to support handwriting."

So does Evernote no longer support handwriting? This is the entire purpose of me using it. 

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