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Problem to show attach files

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Unsure what problem you're describing?
If you click the button do you get the pop-up with the 3 icons?
Clicking on the "..." gives you the option to View As attachment or singel or all pages  for a document, or as an attachment or image for a picture


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I have Evernote version 10.4 and version 6.25 installed.
With version 6.25 I can open any attachment, but version 10.4 does not open and does not show attachments.
For example, if I try to open a pdf I get an error indicating that the file is damaged.
But the worst thing is that if I go now to the same note (in version 6.25) now it doesn't let me open the file either and it gives me an error; that is, trying to open files with version 10.4 corrupts them.

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19 minutes ago, egberto00 said:

Files get corrupted when I try to open them with version 10.4. This is really weird.

I agree the file is broken,  which is concerning.  I'd suggest you avoid opening attachments in 10.4 and use 6.25 as much as possible (if you aren't already!)

If you search online for PDF repair there are various tolls and methods out there,  but it obviously should not be necessary to use them.  Please report this to Evernote Support - they're a little overwhelmed at the moment,  but it will help get this issue fixed.

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