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Be aware - Evernote randomly removes attachments to notes

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I lost a pdf receipt today that was in an Evernote note from 2018.  I noticed that it had encryption so I entered the password, the pdf displayed as expected within the evernote note, I opened it with Acrobat, removed the encryption, Saved, and all was good... until I synced the note. Poof - pdf is gone.  It is *not* cool to mess around with our documents and attachments, and this missing attachment business has been going on for a few months now (with pasted jpgs disappearing all the time). 

Luckily I'm a paid subscriber and have access to note history and was able to recover.  I repeated the process and all worked out fine. BUT the only reason I caught the missing pdf was that I double-checked on it right after modifying it. Had I just gone about my business I never would have realized the attachment disappeared.

It might be time for everyone to backup their notes & attachments onto a hard drive or some more reliable cloud-based solution (which I was in the process of doing). And honestly, if we have to do that, then evernote becomes nothing more than a very expensive web-clipping service.

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On 11/19/2020 at 3:17 PM, lisec said:

It is *not* cool to mess around with our documents and attachments, and this missing attachment business has been going on for a few months now (with pasted jpgs disappearing all the time). 

To have that piece of mind that our stuff is there and not disappearing is what Evernote is (or should be) all about. I've experienced missing image files, screenshots and it is very frustrating since I cannot take the same screenshot anymore. 

Having that confidence and trust that our stuff is always there no matter how old the note, is super valuable.

Now I am experiencing issues during my testing of V10, some of the edits I know I did is no longer there, or the tagging I had done. And once I moved that note after my proper tagging, I don't go back to check in that notebook, in my mind I processed that note and dispatched it accordingly for retrieval later based on the tags. I hope this is a temporary issue and not going to linger for a long time. Finger crossed.

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I work with Autodesk software and attached program files to evernote. I make revisions to my drawings, the next day the file is gone. I restore from the notes history and it is an older version without my changes. This is unacceptable

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Randomly I loose Attachments in my notes. They are uploaded from documents that are downloaded on my MacBook Computer. It has been happening for almost a year.I recently did an update on Evernote hoping that may help it. This is a Work Group Evernote that everyone adds and looks at notes and it even disappears on their end as well. I have tried messaging Three Staff Members last week and not one has responded. They really need to fix this problem.

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This Post lets many questions unanswered. 

First this is a thread on the EN legacy Windows client - you say you use a MacBook.

You say you recently did an update. From which client Version to which ? Did you stay on legacy (7.14, or even older), and have now moved on to v10 ? If you were on v10 already, the Mac client updates approximately ever 3 weeks, currently running at v10.22. I would expect you to update permanently then, not only now and once.

You say it would be a „Work group Evernote“ ? A Business / Teams account ? An individual account with a note or a notebook shared to other user(s).

You tried messaging staff ? This is not the way it works - issue a support ticket if you need help.

In case this is a Business/Teams account, contact your Admin to look after the issue.

With the current information it is IMHO not possible to solve this issue.

Just a general remark: Sharing of notes is NOT build to have several people working on one and the same note at the same time.

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