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CANNOT PRINT from iPhone any longer since update?

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I know there was a bit of a path to get to the printing option in the last version - you had to select the share icon, “more sharing options”, then “share outside of Evernote” and THEN the menu will come up where you can choose ”Print.”


I am unable to access any menu that will allow the standard printing feature. The share menu brings me to the page referenced in the screenshot i attached and clicking the share icon next to “more sharing options” literally just toggles the “Shareable link” option above the option I need to utilize. The menu that comes up has no option to share outside of Evernote and no option to print. 


Anyone else notice/experiencing this? Please help, Evernote becomes nearly worthless without a working “print” feature. 


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On 11/19/2020 at 7:07 PM, PinkElephant said:

Print is missing from v10, as well as send a note by e-mail.

It is said it will return with a future release, no release date communicated.

The omission of a print facility makes the IOS version unusable. Why would they remove this facility? This is a massive retrograde step by Evernote.

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