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Bring back searching notes in Spotlight search on the homescreen and lockscreen



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This is the primary reason I left Evernote for Apple notes a few years back.

And I would switch back to Evernote (because I use Apple Notes via the web in Windows which is non optimal) if iOS, Mac and Windows search indexing was built in.


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As a reply to @PinkElephant: I have left feedback, many times. I have been doing this since they introduced the horrible nightmare that is v.10 of Evernote. How on earth can a company remove features as important as Spotlight integration in ALL platforms when releasing v10 of the product when it has been offered since the start on previous versions?

It is an atrocity.

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Obviously - they can. Your question is more if they should - probably not.

The v10 clients were developed with the idea of a unified app, that works and feels similar on all platforms.

OS-specific features like Spotlight (only available on Apple devices) were skipped. This is a design decision, like it or not.

There are more of that breed, like the standardization of fonts, no support for iPadOS-specific features, no Apple Watch app etc. I am no fan of these decisions, but can only explain to you what I see.

For an atrocity one may end up in front of a firing squad - we better let the devs live, to get further improvements. Maybe one day even spotlight, who knows.

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