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Shared Notebooks and the Evernote 10 Update

Bev Adams

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I share two of my notebooks with over 300 people. I share View Only but have always encouraged others to copy my notes to their own notebooks. The update had really messed things up for the way we've used it.

  • First, many people have lost connection with my notebooks. Evernote shows me they are connected, but my notebooks don't show up on their end. I have had to disconnect and reconnect them. This is a time consuming nuisance and frustrating, but at least I can do something about it.
  • People sharing my notebooks are now not able to copy my notes. This is a critical flaw, in  my opinion.
  • Several people have had difficulty downloading the Legacy version, so that's not even working for us.

With the Help Chat turned off, no one seems to be able to help me. I've sent emails and answers come back days later and unresponsive to my questions.

I've always been very happy with Evernote. I understand the need to update. I love that the app now looks and works the same on Macs and Windows. But losing critical (at least in our usage) features is unbelievable.

Is there anyone that can help me?

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Hi.  Several suggestions...

  1. I'd suggest you raise a support ticket with Evernote - you'll get a ticket number and a place in the queue,  and probably a notice that help might be 10-12 days away.  If you come back here and post the number though,  we can raise your query with an employee to see whether they can help.
  2. Depending on how many notes you have and what sort of content you share you might find public links are better.  They can be opened in a browser and you can create a mini-website by creating a table of contents link to all your notes.  By definition,  the links in that ToC will be 'internal' links, opening directly in the app;  but I believe in the new app that if you click on one of those links externally - ie from an email or a browser - you'll get  the browser version of the note provided the note has been shared publicly first.  So: create the table of contents,  share it,  and all the notes in that notebook as 'public',  and send the ToC link address to your audience and you should be back to normal.  But I'd suggest you try this with a small group of 2 or 3 first to make sure it all works!  - I've used similar methods to share notes with the 'old' Evernote clients,  but (for obvious reasons) I'm steering well clear of the new Evernote for the time being,  so this hasn't been tested under the new systems.
  3. If 2 doesn't work for any reason,  or seems like too much hassle,  you could look into Postach.io which I use to create a blog - see https://cliffeactual.postach.io/ for details.  That's actually a standard Evernote notebook 'shared' via postach.io which will create one blog -or other shared content- for free.

Hope some of that is helpful - if you need more on the Postach.io option,  please feel free to message me directly.  (Hover over the Gorilla!)  ☺️

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If people have access to work chat, they can go there, and simply click again on the share. This will reestablish the share.

However, under v10 you can't search in notes shared to you by somebody else. This is a massive problem if you share to a large group of people. So think about the alternative posted by gazumped, to publish EN content in form of a blog.

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